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    PI WeatherVane Control




      I've run across a copy of PI Weatherwane a Process Book control that lets you visualize wind direction on 0 - 360 degree read out.  I think this was originally posted on the old OSI developer site that VCampus eclipsed. The control documentation says it was written for Process Book 2.x and indeed it does not work on Process Book 3.x.


      Is anyone familar with this control or any update?  I've tried contacting the developer and the e-mail is returned undeliverable. : /





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          Most of the content from the former DevNet (a.k.a OSIDN) was moved to the vCampus Library for posterity (although a good number of them are now obsolete due to new features in our products or simply they use older technologies or techniques). You can find these under the "Legacy DevNet Content" branch of the vCampus Library - as its name indicates, the Weathervane ActiveX control is located under the "ActiveX Controls" section. Enjoy!

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            I've just downloaded and installed the control on my workstation. It appears to function fine on my current version of ProcessBook. How is it failing on your machine?

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              I remember one of the 1st things I did in ProcessBook was to use just a couple of line symbols and a value symbol (hook into the DataUpdate event for the value symbol) with VBA to create my own weathervane.  Just some simple maths and it is done.