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    Visual C++ 2008 express with PITime


      I am trying to create a new PITime object to be able to pass it to the PIData.TimedValues in an array.  I am getting the following error:


      1>.\PIAgent.cpp(852) : error C2079: 'ptf' uses undefined struct 'PITime'


      from the line of code: PITime ptf = new PITime();


      Has anyone used this or have a sample to look at.



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          The limited exposure I have had in projects using C++ I haven't created a new instance of PITime but used a pointer to existing PITime object:



          _PITimePtr ptm = pData->Snapshot->TimeStamp;

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            I did not get the TimedValues to work wiht PITime but I did find something that works to move on. Just didn't want to leave this hanging out there.




            Created a list of piValues and passed it in.


            _PIValuesPtr piValuesPtrTimes(__uuidof(PIValues)); 




                    for (i = 0; i < numTimes; i++)
                        double d = atof(stri);


            pValues = pData->TimedValues(&*piValuesPtrTimes, nullBSTR, fvRemoveFiltered, false, asynch);

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                Hi Jeremy,


                after having some conversation with the PI SDK team here is how you could use the PITime:


                /* The SafeArray for the PItimes */
                SAFEARRAY * psaTimes;

                /* The bounds for the SafeArray */
                SAFEARRAYBOUND rgsabound[1];
                /* Set the bounds */
                rgsabound[0].lLbound = 0;

                rgsabound[0].cElements = iNumOfTimes;

                /* Create the SafeArray */
                psaTimes = SafeArrayCreate(VT_DISPATCH,1,rgsabound);

                    wprintf_s(L"Failed to create Safearray for times.\n");
                    return 1;

                for(long i=0; i<iNumOfTimes; ++i)
                    /* Create a piTime */
                    _PITimePtr piTime(__uuidof(PITime));

                    /* the index for the SafeArray */
                    long ix[1];
                    ix[0] = i;

                    /* Keep it simple, set the piTime with UTCSeconds :-) */
                    double d = 1249286400 + (60 * i);
                    piTime->UTCSeconds = d;

                    /* Assign the piTime to the array element */
                    HRESULT hr = SafeArrayPutElement(psaTimes,ix,piTime);
                        wprintf_s(L"Failed to access Safearray for times.");
                        return 1;

                 * From the Documentation:
                 *    Variant containing a SAFEARRAY of localDates, a SAFEARRAY of PITime objects,
                 *    a SAFEARRAY of numerics interpreted as seconds since 1970 or a PIValues
                 *    collection where the times are used and the values are ignored. See the
                 *    settings section.
                /* The Variant */
                VARIANT vtTimeStamps;
                /* An Array of type VT_DISPATCH */

                vtTimeStamps.vt = VT_ARRAY | VT_DISPATCH;
                vtTimeStamps.parray = psaTimes;

                pPIValues = pPIPoint->Data->TimedValues(vtTimeStamps,"",fvShowFilteredState,false,NULL);



                hope this helps!