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    Any Suggestions on how to best organize displays in Coresight?


      The displays seen to be organized somewhat randomly or based on what was opened recently.  Is there a way to set the order or to designate a display that would appear first in the "All Displays" view?

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          Thomas - responding to your post because I was about to make a similair one.

          I too would like to know what the best practices are for organizing Coresight Displays, currently on Coresight 2016 and will be going to Coresight 2016 R2.


          There is another PISQuare Posting(https://pisquare.osisoft.com/thread/14772-is-there-a-way-to-organize-pi-coresight-2016-displays-into-folders) that recommends the use of Keywords.  However, I am responding to this posting because some of my questions relate to general Coresight submission.


          Keywords are helpful but is there anyway an administrator can enforce keywords? 

          • How do we deal with the possibilty of users entering variations of keywords: FP; FreezeProtection; Freeze Protection.
          • This is more of something we would want to monitor versus a major issue.


          Another problem we are faced with at the moment - we currently allow users to make their displays public/Share via World Identity.

          • Is there any way to monitor wether these public displays have actually been viewed?
            For instance if a screen has been made public but hasn't been used in over a year - does it really need to be public.
          • Can we enforce a display naming structure and can we enforce that the user enter keywords before making their display public?
            • It would be nice to list these requirements in a disclaimer screen or popup.





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              I appreciate the comments.  My main concern is how to aid users in navigating the displays because while I understand the use of keywords and how to use them many users don't and also if users from another location use my displays there is no clear way to set a starting display to show up first.  Also I had the thought of setting up a page that had URL links to displays but most of mine are converted PDI and PIW files and I don't know if the display ID's will remain the same when the files are updated in the Display Import folder.


              What I did discover was that on a display within a PIW file that relative links via display buttons to other displays within the same file do continue to work.  I plan on testing how far that will go to other PIW or PDI files.