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Change compression deviation and backfill data

Question asked by martin.mertens on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by martin.mertens



by using an automated process, I would like to change the compdev attribute for a tag and backfill the point's history immediately afterwards (with the compression specified by compdev).


So my first step is:



point.SetAttribute(PICommonPointAttributes.CompressionDeviation, compdev);


And afterwards:


errors = point.UpdateValues(values, AFUpdateOption.Insert, AFBufferOption.Buffer);


The backfilling works fine, but there seems to be an indeterminable delay until the PI server has really changed compdev. An immediate call of UpdateValues will always lead to the old compdev attributes value of point, while waiting some moments will lead to a correct backfilling.


Since I want to write into a collective, all buffering is enabled.


But how can I programatically check that the PI Server has accepted the new compdev Setting? Calling




always returns the new value and does not give any hint that the server will really use this compression.


Thank you.