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accessing PIProperties of PIModule of context where ACE calculation is running

Discussion created by Daniel Takara on Jul 26, 2009
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I need to get the values of PIProperties of the PIModule of the context where an ACE 2.x calculation is running. I've been doing this using the non-documented PIACENetInternalFunctions.PIACEMDBFunctions.GetContextName function:

Dim contextPIModuleFullName As String
Dim contextPIModule As PIModule
Dim limiteCorrente As Double
Dim limiteTensao As Double
contextPIModuleFullName = PIACENetInternalFunctions.PIACEMDBFunctions.GetContextName(Name)
contextPIModule = myServer.PIModuleDB.PIModules(ParseModuleName(contextPIModuleFullName))
limiteTensao = contextPIModule.PIProperties("LimiteTensaoOperacao").Value
limiteCorrente = contextPIModule.PIProperties("LimiteCorrenteOperacao").Value

However, the PIACENetInternalFunctions.PIACEMDBFunctions.GetContextName function returns a string that is the full path of the context (containing the server name, as in  \\SERVERNAME\RootPIModule\PIModuleLevel1\PIModuleLevel2) and, therefore, I need to remove the server name from it (using the auxiliary function below), so that I get a string (such as \RootPIModule\PIModuleLevel1\PIModuleLevel2) that I can pass as index to the myServer.PIModuleDB.PIModules collection, in order to get a handle of the corresponding PI-SDK PIModule object:

Function ParseModuleName(ByVal MyModuleName As String) As String
   Dim SearchChar As String
   Dim MyPos As Integer
   SearchChar = "\"
   MyPos = InStr(3, MyModuleName, SearchChar, vbTextCompare)
   ParseModuleName = Right$(MyModuleName, Len(MyModuleName) - MyPos + 1)
End Function

Is anyone aware of any ACE function that returns straight a handle of the PIModule of the context where the ACE calculation is running?