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    Datalink and DisplayAlerts

      Does DataLink >= v3.1.6 toggle the Excel Application.DisplayAlerts property internally? 



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          As far as I know, we don't play with the DisplayAlerts property. While it's probably not related to what you're asking, we do set some other properties such as Application.EnableEvents. An interesting fact to note is that whether PI DataLink is loaded/active or not, those 2 application properties always resolve as True on my end - in other words, I'm not sure what value this would provide to you in the context of PI DataLink.


          What exactly are you trying to achieve? What would you use this property for? What re you seeing that leads you to believe DisplayAlerts is being toggled?



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              Hi Steve,


              Well a client claims that some macros and an addin from another company (which has been upgraded) are now receiving popups where they never used to before PI datalink was upgraded to v3.1.6 (from an older version).  Now I do not believe Datalink to be the root cause of this but I am asking the question anyway just in case it is.


              Essentially the macro & addin do various manipulations but the simplest command of deleting worksheets from a workbook in Excel causes a popup of "These sheets are about to be permanently deleted.........." when the Datalink addin is enabled.  If you remove the datalink addin and run the exact same code strangely there are no popups when deleting worksheets.  Even tried setting the Application.DisplayEvents to False but the popups still appear with Datalink enabled thus natural to check to see what Datalink does that "could" be causing this.






              Edit: This sounds a little too simple, there are lots and lots of code involved with this but this is just one example causing a popup where popups never used to appear.

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                  I spoke with the developers and I must admit you got them intrigued They would really to get the exact step-by-step reproduction of the situation you are describing. Since this is not exactly a PI Programming issue, we suggest you open a ticket at TechSupport and provide as much info as you can. They'll help you sort this out and we might even share the final answer here just to close the loop. Good luck!