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Equivalent in AF Analysis to Datalink Timefiltered function

Question asked by Guilherme Ferreira Champion on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by John Messinger

Hi all!


I would like to implement a logic equivalent to Datalink function "Timefiltered" in AF Analysis.

I need to calculate the uptime of an equipment.

For the equipment to be considered up, there is a condition clause with three different attributes.

In other words, I have to count the time when these three attributes are greater than their respective limit at the same time.


The only way I could do it was creating a new tag with the condition expression to generate a status result, up/down (status = 'attr1' > x and 'attr2' > y and 'attr3' > z).

Then, another analysis calculate the uptime like TimeEq('status','y','t',1).


Is there another way, straightforward, where I don't need the intermediate tag?