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Question PI WebAPI Example

Question asked by on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by gregor

I have configured a test domain with a Domain Controller and a PI Server/AF Server/Coresight server.  The Coresight server and WebCrawler work fine.



I have been trying to get the WEBAPI Samples Example to function and have hit a barrier.   When I try to execute the sample, I get the Message "Authorization has been denied for this request.   Tried both user: don and user:dbm\don



When I try to run, it does not get an error response:


When I look at the event viewer, it looks like a connection to port 443 cannot be established.

I am not sure what the conflict is.   Coresight?   Should not conflict with WebAPI.   


Reluctant to start changing a lot of things because I do not want to break WebCrawler.