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Delayed Data Fetch From PI Server

Question asked by AmrMagdy on Dec 4, 2016
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I am connecting a third party application to PI Server through PI SDK. Currently we are upgrading the third party application and migrating to a new application server. The new server was added to PI Trust, this causes a very slow data fetching for all PI tags (Single point value takes around 12 seconds). The old application server is not added to PI Trust, but fetching data quickly (Single point value takes around 0.1 seconds). I tried to remove the new application server from the PI Trust and connect through the PI user, the PI SDK was able to connect but the connection through the application was not established.

I need to connect the new application server to the PI Server the same way as the old application server, but I don't know how it is connected.

I tried using PI SDK 1.3.6 and currently I am using PI SDK 2016 and PI Server version is 3.4.375.80.