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How to get Notification Rules subscribed by a user and related active Event Frames in a fast way

Question asked by Robatjazi on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by rdavin

Hi All,


I started using AF Notification 2016 R@ with AF SDK 2.8.6.

I need to get notification rules that a specific user subscribed to them and also get active event frame related to those notification rules. In another words I want to have list of subscribed notification for a specific user and highlight the one that are active.


I tried following:


AFNotificationRuleSearch results = new AFNotificationRuleSearch(af_db, "MySearch", "ContactName:'[contact name]'");

What "ContactName" criteria is supposed to be? Is it contact name of notification's subscriber? It always returns all existing notification rules.


AFContact me = AFContact.FindContact(afRepository.PiSystem, "[contact name]'");
AFNotificationRuleSearch nrSearch = new AFNotificationRuleSearch(af_db, "MySearch", "Contact:'" + me.GetPath() + "'");


Based on documents the value for Contact criteria should be path to AFContact object. I get following error on this query:

The object for search criteria 'Contact:"\\[AF Server Name]\Contacts[contact name]"' was not found.


Also I tried to use AFEventFrameSearch:

AFEventFrameSearch efSearch = new AFEventFrameSearch(af_db, string.Empty, "InProgress:True");


It correctly rerun all in progress event frames. Filtering these event frames based on subscribers is so slow:

var efs = efSearch.FindEventFrames().Select(x => x.PrimaryReferencedElement.NotificationRules.Where(y => y.Subscribers.Any(z => z.Name.Contains("[contact name]")))).ToList();


Am I doing right thing?

Is it possible to get users's subscribed notification and also it they are active at the moment in a faster way?