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AF SDK: existing data keep updating when inserting a new data into AFTable

Question asked by saifulazmi on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by saifulazmi

I am having an issue to insert a new data into AF Table (using AF SDK) as it keep updating the existing data in table as result only on row available in table. Here my code and appreciate if anyone can advise any issue on this code:


Dim dtMyTable As New DataTable()
Dim drMyRow As DataRow = dtMyTable.NewRow()

Dim piSystem As PISystem = piSystems.DefaultPISystem
Dim AFPIPoint As PIPoint = Nothing
Dim netcredentional As New NetworkCredential(strSQLUser, strSQLPassword)
Dim afDatabase As AFDatabase = piSystem.Databases(strSQLDatabase)
Dim myTable As AFTable = Nothing
dtMyTable.Columns.Add("ID", GetType(Integer))
dtMyTable.Columns.Add("Region", GetType(String))
dtMyTable.Columns.Add("Site", GetType(String))
dtMyTable.Columns.Add("Facilities", GetType(String))
dtMyTable.Columns.Add("EquipmentType", GetType(String))
dtMyTable.Columns.Add("EquipmentName", GetType(String))
dtMyTable.Columns.Add("Unit", GetType(String))
dtMyTable.Columns.Add("unitvalue", GetType(String))
dtMyTable.Columns.Add("TriggerDate", GetType(Date))

 drMyRow.Item("ID") = pkID + 1 ' add as new id 
 drMyRow.Item("Region") = objRegion '
 drMyRow.Item("Site") = objSite
 drMyRow.Item("Facilities") = objFacilities
 drMyRow.Item("EquipmentType") = objEQType
 drMyRow.Item("EquipmentName") = objEQName
 drMyRow.Item("Unit") = objUnit
 drMyRow.Item("unitvalue") = objUnitValue
 drMyRow.Item("TriggerDate") = Date.Now
 myTable.Table = dtMyTable