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    Substituted data on MultiStated Symbols

      Can we programatically set what symbols will display the substituted icon (yellow arrow)?
      Starting to find (ProcessBook v3.0.15.7) that when I have a multistated symbol that is based on a tag with a substituted value that it is displaying the yellow arrow on top - when the multistated symbol is smaller than the arrow it starts getting messy.  It is nice having it in the Status Report but not drawn on top of symbols with the exception of a Trend symbol.


      I cannot see anything obvious to stop this behaviour...any help from OSI?  A hidden setting/property anywhere?

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          Hi Rhys,




          We have an open request for a per-symbol value attribute setting (PLI 16021OSI8) that isn't scheduled for work. Honestly, I would find it cumbersome to make users change this per symbol. If the larger issue is real estate or layout of symbols on a display, there are better ways to handle that. For this application, I would turn off the display of the Value Attributes on all symbols and use the Details window to review the incidence of them on a particular, selected symbol.






          Laurie Dieffenbach


          Product Manager, PI ProcessBook

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              Hey Laurie...OK just read through the PLI.  Sounds like what I need - especially setting this per symbol.


              I tend to have displays that do most of the work for users so I would prefer to do this via automation, but for now users can choose to display them or not.  Just makes my display not look so pretty! 

              As an example, what I have is a quick overview display that has numerous multistated Rectangle symbols in shape of squares - as there can be many they are quite small.  It gives a very quick overview and allows a user to quick home in on a problem area.  With Value Attributes being shows the arrow is the same size as the square and you can't see the current state colour.
              Anyway, I will wait patiently and probably manipulate procbook.ini for now.