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Sharepoint 2010 client side web part connectivity to PI Treeview in IE 11

Question asked by neilg on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by Eugene Lee

Hi All,


We had developed a web part which connects to other web parts via client side scripts. My best guess is that the developer on our team who had done it had followed the link below to get it working for the older environment How to create Custom WebParts that connects with OSIsoft's RtWebParts


The web part is implementing all the things correctly and it works when in Compatibility mode but does not work when running under IE 11 or IE 10 rendering. It feels like the SharePoint events stop to fire when running under the higher IE mode. Any ideas on what may be going wrong? SharePoint is 2010. I have hunted around but I don't see any documentation from Microsoft explaining how the actual connectivity in this scenario works where you have client side scripts and server side code.

The concept of this web part is simple, it takes the value from a URL attribute exposed by the PI Treeview and displays the URL inside the webpart. The issue is that the web page we need to display is developed in HTML5 and hence we cannot drop the browser rendering version down via Compatibility mode.


More technical details are below.


There is server side code which registers a client side script. The server side code implements IParametersOutConsumer interface. The server side code says to run at ServerAndClient.




There is client side code which handles the Sharepoint events. If I put in debug points these fire when in compatibility mode but don't fire when not in compatibility mode.


It works when in Compatibility mode which in a way means the SharePoint integration must be correct:


It doesn't work when taken out of compatibility mode:

IE Version:

SharePoint Version: