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    DataPipe AddSignups



      In my code, AFErrors<AFAttribute> errors = afDataPipe.AddSignups(attributes) returns errors something like:

      The data method 'DataPipe' is not supported on attribute '...'.

      I only add OSISoft.AFSDK.dll into the project references, didn't install the AFSDK. Is this error related to it?

      Thank you!


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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Yes, you are right.  OSIsoft.AFSDK.dll could be added to a .NET project. Nevertheless, it will only work if you install PI AF Client on the machine. The setup will add more files, windows services and registry keys which are required for PI AF SDK to work properly. If you don't want to install it on the client machines, you might want to consider using PI Web API Channels instead. Please remember that PI Web API Channels is still in CTP.


          Hope it helps!

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              Thanks a lot! Right now I don't have the permission yet to install AF SDK on my compnay laptop.

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                Hello Marcos Vainer Loeff,

                I met another issue when I call AFDataPipe.AddSignups(attributes). I run my app at three environments but the errors are different. One environment has error  "PI Data Archive 'xxxx' was not found". the second has error "PI Data Archive 'yyyy' was not found", though the app connects to same AF server. The third environment doesn't have this kind of error message and can signup with no error. Why three environments work in different ways? (all connect to same AF server)


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                    Although you are using "AF" DataPipes, these data pipes actually sign up with the PI Data Archive, when the AF data reference is a PI Point reference. So let's say that you have an AF element that has three PI Point data reference attributes: PIDataArchiveX.PIPointA, PIDataArchiveY.PIPointB, PIDataArchiveZ.PIPointC. If you are signing up for DataPipes on all three of these attributes, you would need to make sure your client machine where the DataPipes are being signed up from is able to connect and authenticate to all three of these PI Data Archive servers: PIDataArchiveX, PIDataArchiveY and PIDataArchiveZ.


                    So I would suggest to make sure that you are able to connect to any PI Data Archives whose PI Points you may be signing up for updates from each of your environments. For example, your first environment says "PI Data Archive 'xxxx' was not found'. Make sure PI Data Archive 'xxxx' is in the known servers table in PI System Explorer -> Connections or in PISDK Utility. For that matter, if you are getting this error then I would expect you wouldn't even be able to see the attribute value in PI System Explorer from the same machine.