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How to generate reference part in PI Processbook?

Question asked by sarveshdatar on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by sarveshdatar

I use Link Part (Reference part ) in Centum (DCS), and use the same parts in its Graphics Development, so if I need to change any Modifier condition in any of that object/ reference part, I only need to change the condition in Centum reference  part , & it will be reflected in each of the graphics where it has been used. Same way for PI -Process book, can I generate any reference parts/ Symbols which can be used to develop the graphics and by changing any condition in main reference part will be reflected in all of the graphics where it has been used.


To ask in a different manner,

Is it possible to create customized templates for say valves, motors, pumps, etc. in which if we make a change in one part(e.g. one valve) the other related templates(i.e all other valves of the same format say. hand valve) also get changed automatically?