AF Client install error

Discussion created by Armadillo on Aug 6, 2009
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We are having problem with installing AF Client.


Here is install log. Any help is appreciated.


--- >>> Setup Module 1


Setup module dotnet30Setup is check for install only (CHECKFORINSTALLEDONLY).


Loading: 1 (.\dotnet30Setup.dll)


dotnet30Setup.dll version


SetupUtils> Unable to find version of dotnet30Setup (Section 1) in C:\pisetup.ini


dotnet30Setup> Failed to retrieve setup module version for dotnet30Setup. Assume 3.0.4506.


dotnet30Setup> The version of the .Net Framework to be installed is 3.0.4506


dotnet30Setup> The version of the .Net Framework on the destination machine is 3.0.30618


CompareVersions> NewVer4 not found...padding with 0


CompareVersions> InstalledVer4 not found...padding with 0


CompareVersions> NewVer3 < InstalledVer3...returning -1


Module (Microsoft .NET3.0 Framework v3.0.4506) already installed.


--- >>> Setup Module 2


Loading: 2 (.\vc80Setup.dll)


vc80Setup.dll version 1, 0, 0, 3


VC80redistribSetup> Found setup module file VS80redistributables.msi


VC80redistribSetup> The module is already installed


Unable to obtain display version for Setup Module 2 (Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Redistributables 8.0).


Module (Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Redistributables 8.0) already installed.


--- >>> Setup Module 3


Module (PI Software Development Kit (PI-SDK) v1.3.5.343) already installed.


--- >>> Setup Module 4


IsMSIInstalled> Unable to obtain Related Products for Upgrade Code {4EF3B527-049E-4042-94B5-C9E869C740BC}. Returned error: 259


Module (PI AF Client 2.x v2.0.4.2025) will be installed.




Completed Installation checks for all modules.


InstallThread Error 1603. Installation of AF Client 2.0.4 has failed.