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1 Notification, 16 different triggers

Question asked by msmassey on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by Mike Zboray

So, I have 16 critical parameters that I am evaluating for outside normal operating range.  Each Parameter has a Critical Min, Target Min, Target Max, and Critical Max.  In an effort to be efficient, I would like to create a single notification, that would trigger any time any of the Alarm Status attributes <> OK.  So, I have created a single element with all of the PI tags (pic1), and their associated child elements.  And I have tried creating child elements with the various items (pic2).  Analysis is in pic3.  And the single notification I would like to send is in pic4.


The problems becomes how to create a trigger.  It should trigger anytime, any of the Alarm Status words become <> OK.  I would also like to put the offending parameter in the subject line of the notification. 


Seems like no matter what I attempt, I just can't come up with the correct incantation.


Also, I am using pre-PI2010. So, each notification costs 7 PI tags.  If I create a separate notification for each of the 16, I consume 112 tags, plus have to maintain 16 notifications, if there is a change.