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AFConnectionInfo.IsConnected Property

Question asked by daneoverfield on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by daneoverfield

We have an application that uses DataPipes to get AF attribute changes. We also want to frequently check to make sure that we have a healthy connection to to AF.

We have been using AFConnectionInfo.IsConnected property to check the connection health and noticed that even if we disconnect the network adapter the value of IsConnected remains TRUE.

I found one post about this issue from 5 years ago. I assume since we are using a DataPipe and not actively accessing AF, the IsConnected is not being updated.

The "solution" posted 5 years ago was:

"This "IsConnected" property reflects the last known connection state, and is not updated at the time of its access.  To have this updated, you must perform an operation which accesses the AF Server - for example PISystem.FindChanges - make sure you use the overload method which returns a cookie - and not the obsoleted method."

I was wondering if there is now a more efficient method for updating IsConnected without having to call something like FindChanges. I was hoping to see AFConnectionInfo.Refresh but this does not exist.