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    How to get PIPoint from AFElement?

      void Main()
        var PIAFServers = new PISystems();
        var PIServers = new PIServers();
        var PIAFServer = PIAFServers["DEVAFPI"];
        var PIServer = PIServers["DEVPI"];
        var pointSources = PIServer.PointSources.Where(ps => ps.PointCount > 100);
        var database = PIAFServer.Databases["ABC Alerts"];
        var notifications = AFNotification.FindNotifications(database, "CommStatus*",
        AFSearchField.Name, AFSortField.Name, AFSortOrder.Ascending, 1);
        foreach (var notification in notifications)
            AFElement element = (AFElement)notification.Target;
            Console.WriteLine(notification.Name + " - ");


      I'm using LINQPad and when I use the Dump() I can see that PIPoint is part of the Dump but I can't seem to access it? What is the proper way to access the PIPoint from an AFElement?