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Store Custom Qualities for Tags in AF Event Frames and Retrieve them in the Fastest Way Possible

Question asked by hmokdad on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by tswift


Our objection is to do real time analysis on Tags and flag them as 'Frozen, Out of range, Under Range, Noisy,...' according to certain custom algorithms. Of course, we cannot store them in the Tag itself as each record is is only Value, TimeStamp, Questionable, and Quality (Good or Bad). So our approach was to store these in Event Frames (Event Frames that has attributes).

My Question is what is the best approach to read these event frames and render them in reports:

  • Should we use PI OLEDB? We tested and it took like 9 minutes to get 45 Event frames with their attribute values
  • Should we use AFSDK?
  • Should we use PI Web API?