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    Processbook Animation using VBA




      I'm trying to use VBA code on Processbook to animate flames flicker for a burner. Is there a pre-configured code that I can use? or can someone provide direction on how to tackle this?

      below is what the flame looks like - we would like to add animation to it on Processbook.

      Thank you!

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          Luke Yarnall

          Hello Mahalet,


          Take a look at the pidemo.piw file that comes with a fresh installation of Processbook. In the Examples tag -> VBA Animation Example 2, there's a display which leverages VBA to provide some animation. You can open that display up in the Visual Basic Editor and take a look at the code that was used.


          You should also take a look at KB00582 - Image animation in PI ProcessBook, which addresses how you can use .avi files for animation in ProcessBook.


          Let us know how it works for you!





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