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Moving old point_A data to merge with a new point_B

Question asked by LindseyHatfield on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by jyi

In our system we have had a number of points collecting data for many years.  "SUB_A:Blue_Amps"

The equipment in the field is getting old so we have commissioned some new hardware and set up new points to monitor. "SUB_A_NEW:Blue_Amps"


Now the project was completed in the SCADA system we have

"SUB_A_OLD:Blue_Amps" with data logged from the beginning of time to 29-Nov-2016 09:15:00   (pntid = 4999)

"SUB_A:Blue_Amps"    with data logged from 29-Nov-2016 09:16:00 to NOW  (pntid = 186333)


There are half a dozen or so of these and I need to Merge the data from the two then remove the old points.


Is there a way to change the new points ID to the old but not lose data, then merge the smaller amount of new data


Backfill the new point with the data from the old point , maybe using AF ?


What is the best way to do this ?