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EFGen for Continuous Batches

Question asked by mgeerling Employee on Dec 23, 2016

Hey everyone,


I'm doing some work with EFGen and am having trouble capturing all of my sub-batches.  Before I put this into production, I'm simulating the behavior by using the built in random tag "ba:phase.1".  This tag moves between phase1 and phase7 randomly and in order.  My desired behavior is that a value of phase1 will trigger the start of each level1 batch while each value (phase1, phase2, etc) will denote a level2 batch.  The level1 batch should END when my active tag has a value of phase1 again.  Below is a very professional paint mockup of the behavior   


My EFConfig_Tree looks like this:

All parts of the tree rely on the same active point. 


I've tried two major configurations with no luck:


EFLoading configured as step with "include zeroeth state" checked (where zeroeth state = Phase1).  Each child configured as step where BA:Phase.1 = Phase# (where the # corresponds to the correct phase).  EFLoadingPhase1 is also checked to include the zeroeth state. 

Resulting behavior: All level2 batches are captured, but they are each created under a separate level1 batch.



EFLoading configured as Pulse that begins when BA:Phase.1 = Phase1.  Each child configured as step where BA:Phase.1 = Phase# (where the # corresponds to the correct phase). 

Resulting behavior: My level1 batch ends at the correct time, and it has six level2 batches.  It is missing the Phase1 level2 batch, and the level1 batch starts once my active tag = phase2.  To summarize, it starts the parent batch at the wrong time (Phase2 rather than Phase1) but ends at correct time.  The result looks nearly correct but has a gap where BA:Phase.1 would equal Phase1.   


I think I need my Level1 batch configured to be "Pulse" while also using "include zeroeth state".  However, this option gets greyed out when not using "Step"


Does anyone have any thoughts?  I can include pictures of my resulting behavior if my explanation is unclear.