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PI AF Analytics calculation behaviour as event triggered during network outages

Question asked by Jeya on Dec 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2016 by kfong

We encounter lot of network issues in our systems. So we need to take care of the data how it behaves during network outage.

Consider the logic "TimeGt(‘Power’,’*-1h’,’*’,10)" and assume that output logic is event triggered.

Assume the Power as input tag is not updating in the PI for 10 hours due to network outage and once the connection is restored, we got 20 new values at the 11th hour.

1. Will the PI Analytics engine automatically detects network outage and at the 11th hour it calculates for the past 10 hours stores in PI at their own respective (ie: past 10 hour outage timestamps)?

2. OR it calculates only for 10th to 11th hour window and rest of the past 10hours window will be "Bad"?


PS: I have already tried implementing it in a dev server and it seems to be operating at case 1 of the above.

However, I need to make this assumptions 100% correct. Please help if you may know.