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Using AFSDK to setup Analysis Template

Question asked by mikespath on Jan 4, 2017
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I'm desperately trying to understand how to work with Notifications via the AFSDK. I have attached two screen shots, one that shows the setup I have done through PI Explorer and the section of exported xml for the element template. I see in the XML that there are GUIDs created, is this because I'm using the built in limits (Traits?). When attempting this in code I'm completely lost on how to set that up. I've seen example code

on configuring Event Frame and analytics::

  Creating Asset-Based Analytics Programmatically (Rollup and Event Frame Generation)

but I'm still at a loss on how to code this. I need to be able to create the same element templates as well as event frame templates using the AFSDK and then create elements using the templates, all in the SDK, with no interface to PI explorer