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Coresight Extensibility Question - Symbol does not seem to register with HTML.

Question asked by on Jan 3, 2017
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I have been studying and trying to learn to develop new symbols for Coresight R2.   I have downloaded symbols from Github and have tried using the Simple Value Symbol instructions from kenji0711.


For the sym-donut and for the SImple Vlaue Symbol, the symbol does not completely register (or some other word).   The selection image appears in the symbol band in coresight.   But, when I select that symbol, search for and select a pi tag (sinusoid and sinusoidu), drag and drop, I see an outlined square.  But, that square cannot be selected.   When attempting to select it, it disappears.     In kenji0711's example, the size of the box changes if I change the size in the js file.    I have carefully checked the spelling of the js and html files to make sure they are the same in the ext directory.


PUTVAL works correctly, after changing the server names.


Ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.