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[AF SDK and EF] AF SDK does not get all events within specified Time range

Question asked by joao.lages on Jan 6, 2017
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I'm using AF SDK to get event frames from a specific element within a time range. However, comparing it to EF Search in AF, I realised that AF SDK didn't bring all of the events within that time range. The events within a period of 1h30min prior to the end date weren't brought by SDK.


I'm using the following method:


AFNamedCollectionList<AFEventFrame> events = element.GetEventFrames(AFSearchMode.StartInclusive, startDateTime, endDateTime, "", null, null,

                AFSortField.StartTime, AFSortOrder.Ascending, 0, pageSize);


When I added an offset of 1 hour to the end date (endDateTime) of the search, these events were included.


Does anybody know why this happens? Is this a known issue of this method by any chance?


Thanks in advance!