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    MSChart in processbook


      I am using MSChart i.e. Microsoft Chart Control v6.0 in processbook. I want to label the chart columns, and the content of that label should be the value of that column.

      At present, as shown in screenshot I have taken external label and given value to it.

      I want the shown value "78" of first column and similarly for other columns to be displayed as a part of MSChart it self and not any external label through vba coding.



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          Hi Bhargav,


          Where are the values coming from, which you are using to populate the chart? The control should have column label properties which you can manipulate via VBA to display custom labels. If these values are coming from PI, then you could additionally add the PISDK library to programmatically access values from PI. Have you checked the MS documentation on MSChart Control?


          MSChart Control

          MSChart Control Properties, Methods, and Events

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          Using the MSChart Control

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              Hello Gavin,


              The values are coming from PI Tags. The  columns which are displayed in screenshot actually displays the data of same tag.

              If I am using " .DataGrid.ColumnLabel " property, chart shows collective label for all the column of similar types. Like "Label Z1" for Red bars (as shown).

              My requirement is I want to display individaul values to all the Red coloured bars, and not some common label. And that value should be the content of tag form which it is comming.


              Besides, the column labels are only displayed in 3D view and not 2D. Is there any way, I can display values individually to all the columns and that too in 2D view which is more preferable in my case.