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Element template issue

Question asked by mikael.gidstedt on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by clonsberry


I have encountered a strange issue with one of my Element templates concering its Analyses.

I want the Analysis to use an Attribute called Delta T (as described in the below image).

2017-01-10 11_26_04-__SAPIWSS8820_Heat Sweden - PI System Explorer.png

But when I create a new element using the template the Analysis starts using an OLD Attribyte called T901.

2017-01-10 11_27_00-__SAPIWSS8820_Heat Sweden - PI System Explorer.png

This Attribute does not exist anymore (as shown in the below image describing all the Attributes in the Element).

2017-01-10 11_29_22-__SAPIWSS8820_Heat Sweden - PI System Explorer.png

Similar issues arise for all the Analyses in the Template.

Why does this happen and how can it be resolved?

I prefer not to create a new Template as spent some time producing the first one and it works in all other respects.