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Installing OSI PI for a Smart Home

Question asked by RyanDube on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by JimGavigan

Like many folks here at PI Square, I'm a bit of a geek, and my workday with gadgets and technology doesn't end when I go home for the day. I install a lot of hardware at home -- lately, a lot of smart home devices on my home network, and it has dawned on me how freaking awesome it would be if I could buy a Windows box off Ebay, and install PI Archive Server, PI AF and SQL Express, and then a second Windows PC off ebay and install a few PI Interfaces to communicate with a few of those devices. Then some pretty cool PB displays could be created - or even Coresight displays that you could access with your phone.

Having mostly only done Enterprise/Business PI server support, I can't imagine a home user installing PI at home (a working system that's actually collecting data - not just a development environment) in any sort of moderately affordable way for a normal household.  I'm wondering if OSI offers (or is considering offering) a very scaled down version of PI that could be set up and used by regular home users?

I realize that PI is meant for very large scale data collection, but when you look at the ease with which it can collect data within a much smaller infrastructure than most database-based systems, it's actually an ideal solution for an at-home user with smaller computer systems. Any ideas?