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[PI Event Frame] How can I create PI Event Frames from a temperature trend.

Question asked by Nicolas.Isambourg on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Jerome Lefebvre

Dear Forum Members,


the picture below shows a temperature trend.


From this trend, I need to create the following Event Frames hierarchy:


Profile (Parent EF)

|_ Step 1 - CH1  (Child EF)

|_ Step 2 -PI      (Child EF)

|_ Step 3 -CH2  (Child EF)

|_ Step 4 -MHT  (Child EF)

|_ Step 5 -Ref    (Child EF)


The Step 1 increases until 150°C.

During the Step 2, the temperature is around 150°C.

The Step 3 increases until 385°C.

During the Step 4, the temperature is around 385°C.

During the Step 5, the temperature decreases until 87°C.


With a PI Analysis, I am able to determine when the step 1 starts and finishes, when the steps 2 and 4 starts, when the steps 3 and 5 finishes.

If I determine when the steps 2 and 4 finishes, I will be able to find when the steps 3 and 5 starts and vice versa.

My difficulties is to determine when the steps 2 and 4 finishes or when the steps 3 and 5 starts.


So how can I finishes and starts a PI Event Frame at the moment where the temperature increases (step 2 to step 3) and decreases (step 4 to step 5)?



Best regards,