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Is PiPoint.UpdateValue(s) call synchronus or asynchronous?

Question asked by RicVS on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by pthivierge

I am using an UpdateValue(s) call to delete a series of PI Tag Values in a time range, and then shortly following that performing a series of UpdateValue(s) calls to repopulate the time range. However I am getting a a number of error messages in the log file


eg. "SnapshotDeleteEvent, PtID: 452, Event Time: 10-Jan-17 02:08:25, Status: [-11133] New snapshot event received while pending delete"


The point being the one that the code is working with.


I am also noticing that InterpolatedValue calls made shortly after this are returning unreliable results.


Is the PIPoint.UpdateValue(s) call asynchronous, if so is there a way to force it to by synchronous?


Thanks in advance.