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AF - An end-user perspective

Question asked by TimCarmichael Champion on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by skwan

We are actively engaged in utilizing AF to standardize multiple calculations and actively moving them from Performance Equations in the process.

For one area, we have approximately 1500 elements with a common template; within the template there are 18 analyses.
And end user, who defined the calculations for a set of these analyses, determined today his calculation was wrong - in 4 different places.
The conversation this morning went along the lines of, "I think I caused a big problem... how hard is this to fix?"
My response after looking at it, "We have to update 4 sets of calculations - once. Because they are in templates, changing it once results in all of the affected elements being updated."



His response, and I quote, "AF is great. I don't know if you realized it yet, but it is"


Templates have been updated.


Next task? Delete the old data year-to-date and back fill the calculations.


So.. big shout out to Stephen Kwan and crew for a job well done.