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    Migrating PI components



      I'm migrating a self contained (SQL Server Express, AF 2016, PI Archive 2016 all on same box) system from a physical box to a single virtual.

      The new box will have a different IP and name.  There is plenty of advice on how this affects interface settings, but I find nothing on the server systems in this scenario.  Does this mean I can follow the standard of

      Do a COPY type backup and xcopy the .dat files etc from PI\adm, P\bin,PI\dat etc?

      Or is there a gotcha?


      Any suggestions or re-assurances welcome.





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          Roger Palmen

          Thinking (don't have experience at hand.. i typically just re-install and migrate data). Would it not be easier to create an image of the physical box, and run that in the VM? Then you just need to change the name and IP (if fixed anyway). Most VM tools have the tooling to virtualize a physical box.

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              Thanks Roger,

              Unfortunately the client wants to keep the original physical PI server in place for network reliability reasons so the VM needs to be a different machine.

              However I seem to be receiving reassurances on the standard approach.

              The gig is on a short term work permit so I don't have time for too many retries - hence trying to eliminate Gotchas :-)



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              For the migration, we recommend getting Field Service involved, but in essence most of the DAT files from the ..\dat directory and the BATCH files from the ..\bin and ..\adm directories get copied over.  Once the IP and Hostname are changed, a restart of the PI System should update the local configuration of the PI Data Archive.


              The gotchas would be from the PI Data Archive, AF, or SQL maintaining configuration from the previous node.  For the PI Data Archive, this mainly presents in tuning parameters (e.g. different drive letters and directory locations, sizing parameters, etc.), but the installation should be in the same drive structure for ease of migration.  For the AF server, this would be what SQL node/server it is connecting to, and the node housing the AF service application.


              For SQL, I would recommend a clean install, with a migration through SSMS only if needed/desired.


              Those are the gotchas that I can think of off my head.


              Please let us know if this helps.

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                Hi Paul,


                Jason brought up good points regarding making sure the drive locations are the same on the new VM.  I also agree that a clean install of SQL on the VM would be the best way to go, then just restore a backup of PIFD from the physical box.  Then, when you install PI AF server, you can point the install to the PIFD backup.


                On a high level, the process would look like:

                1. Install SQL server

                2. Restore backup of PIFD to VM

                3. Install PI AF Server - point to restored PIFD database on VM

                See this KB for more information on these steps - KB00451 - How to move the PI AF Server to a new machine


                4. Install PI Data Archive (of same version as physical machine) to VM

                5. Restore backup of PI Data Archive from Physical machine

                See this LiveLibrary link for more information on these steps - PI Server




                Unfortunately, another issue that hasn't been brought up is licensing.  I see that the client wants to keep both the physical and virtual servers running, however, when the server is moved to the VM, you will either need to generate a new license for the VM (if this is to be the new "production" server) or use a development or temp license (if this is to be a "test" server)


                Hope this helps, and good luck!


                - Adam

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                    All is up and running fine.  The only issue is that the archive backups fail to complete the verify stage and leave the backed up files in a precommit folder.  The backuphistory.dat file also fails to backup.

                    Any clues?