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Passing object by Value

Question asked by Jaya on Jan 19, 2017
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I use the below code for formatting a bunch of command buttons.


Private Sub fmtCmdBtn(ByVal obj As commandbutton, msg As String,  fillcolor, txtcolor As Double)

    With obj

        .Caption = msg

        .BackColor = fillcolor

        .ForeColor = txtcolor

     End With

End Sub


There are no errors when I use :

fmtCmdBtn  btnTest1  "Test"  Vbred,  vbwhite '         where btnTest1 is the name of the command button


However, I get a Type Mismatch error when I substitute a variable for the object.


Dim myobj as Object  ' Tried  Symbol also with same error


Set myobj = ThisDisplay.Symbols.Item(6)


Set myobj= ThisDisplay.Symbols("btnTest1")


fmtCmdBtn  myobj  "Test"  Vbred,  vbwhite


Substituting the name of the button with a variable throws up Type mismatch error. What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.