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PI-SDK PIPoints.Add: returns Point does not exist

Question asked by tinklerj on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by tinklerj

Using C++ PI-SDK with smart pointers.  pPoints is of type PIPointsPtr (smart pointer for the PIPoints object).

pPoints->Add(tagname, classname, pointtype, namedvalueattributes) creates the point, but gets COM exception 0x8004040B, psePOINTNOTEXIST, "point does not exist".

The associated error description is "Requested point does not exist on server.<pointname> "

I know the point does not exist, that's why I'm creating it.

Is this expected behaviour, to return an error on success?  Should I use this as evidence that the operation worked?

This is not among the documented trappable errors.



If the point DOES already exist on the server, then I get COM exception 0x80040434, psePOINTCREATE, "Failed to create point on server".

The associated PI error in the description is "[-10550] Tag Already Exists in Table.<pointname>".  All very reasonable.



Anyone else seen this?

I'll try this using C# and see if it has the same result.