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Coresight extensibility: a unique identifier for a control instance

Question asked by Bmsousa on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by Bmsousa

Hi everyone!


I recently developed a customized coresight control. My problem is that I need a unique identifier for each instance of that control inserted in the Coresight display. This unique identifier would help me to store and access specific information about each control in the display. How can I identify each different instance of my control in the same page? Is there any accessible variable in Coresight which already gives me this information? Or how can I save an information entered by the user for each control instance?



I want to set some value in a config input field of a single control instance called "Attribute Name":


There will be different instances of the same control in the display, and each one will have a different value in Attribute Name (for example, control2-attName, control3-attName...). I need to save this information and when I open the Coresight display again, it will still be there.


Thank you!