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How can the PrimaryReferencedElement of an Event Frame be replaced?

Question asked by phsutter Champion on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by Roger Palmen


I currently have a series of event frames that have e.g. AF element "A" as their primary referenced element. I want to change those to AF element "B". Using the PI Builder Add-In in EXCEL I can export all those event frames into a spreadsheet, then manually change the PrimaryReferencedElement attribute from "A" to "B" and publish everything back into the AF database. If I pull up my event frames afterwards in the PI System Explorer, they correctly show "B" as their primary referenced element, however the old reference to "A" is now still there as regular (non-primary) element reference. What I want to do is completely "rewire" the event frames, so that they end up having a single referenced element "B" only, and no reference to "A" anymore. Of course I could delete the unused reference in the System Explorer manually one after the other, but that would not be my preferred solution.

I did not find any way to do this using EXCEL or any other tool available to me that would allow me to do bulk operations/scripting on all affected event frames. Are there any other possible solutions available?

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