AF 1.3 Analysis Rule "Shifting Values"

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Sep 1, 2009
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We require an Analysis Rule to perform the following, does OSI have an off the shelf AR to resolve this?  Needs to be compliant with AF v1.3.
I have already scoped the development for this and it is minimal effort but thought it best to check here first:

- Schedule calculations in AF. (Already covered by AF functionality by using AR).
- Enable configuration so values for Attributes within an AF Case can be sent to another Attribute in the same element where the Attribute is set up as a read-write PI Point DR.  e.g. Attribute "A" using Formula DR sends value to Attribute "A_Out" using PI Point DR.  (The configuration will be based on naming conventions to locate valid pairs of Attributes.)
- Enable adjustments/re-calculation.  (Already covered by AF functionality).


As you can see, very simple AR but very specific requirement..."shifting values".