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PI coresight NO DATA - Solved but not sure why

Question asked by MISugiyama on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by afink

Hi everyone,


we are migrating (slowly) to PI Coresight. In one case, the Coresight showed NO DATA, eventhough it was fine in ProcessBook. The configuration is as below. The Coresight wouldn't show Attribute. We use this kind of configuration quite often, since it allows us to build templates that are linked to PI Points once the table is set.


Attribute: Formula DR: Attribute1 * Factor

Attrbute1: %@Attribute2%

Attribute2: Table lookup to get the PI Point name


I created the Data reference by right clicking the element and then 'Create or Update Data Reference'. Voilá, PI Coresight started to show the correct value. I would like to understand the reason. If I am not wrong, this procedure fixes the table lookup reference. In this case it is ok, but in others case I would like to keep it dynamic, with automatic update when the table changes.


Thanks in advance!


PES 2016 R2 SP1

ProcessBook 2015