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AF Element Template Versioning

Question asked by VCampus-METCO on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by David Hearn

Is there any reason why AF Element Templates do not have their own versioning / history? It appears that versioning only works at the element level.

For example for an ESP Well there are many different ESP controller vendors, each supplying different data. For example there would be separate AF Templates for GE or Schlumberger ESP's.


I then create an element (SIMON) whose controller type is GE and look at the version/revision and I see v=1, r=0

I change the template and add a new attribute template and check back-in. Neither version nor revisions are incremented.

I change the template that the element is based upon from GE to SLB. I see v=1, r=1

Looking at the "Show History" I see no messages to indicate that the template has been changed nor that the element has been changed.


So I want to be able to see a) when a template has been changed and b) when an elements template has been changed with the values before / after.


Is the only way to show these changes by using the AF Audit feature?


When changing base templates / elements should you always also create a new version. When I do this the previous version is not automatically closed by setting the obsolete date which I would have expected to be set by default otherwise you can end up with overlapping versions which doesn't make sense.


I would appreciate any comments on whether this functionality is ever used by anyone in the real world.