Caching and PI points

Discussion created by sboyko on Sep 2, 2009
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I am writing code to handle point changes coming from a PI server via an event pipe. It is working well except that I believe I am being caught by the SDK caching.  For example, if I change the point source on the point via PI-SMT, I get an event in my program indicating an edit, but when I look at the PointAttributes("pointsource").value it is the OLD value, not the new one.


Reading the SDK documentation, I see there is a Refresh interface to basically clear the cache for a particular SDK object.  This is a secondary interface so in VB you would expect to do something like:

Dim p As PISDK.PIPoint
Dim p2 as PISDK.IRefresh

p2 = p

but I do not see the IRefresh type in VB.Net.


Any suggestions?