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    Control loops status


      Related to another question, which is the best way frequently update my CL_ChangesStatus.PV point with values from snapshot table, like interface.

      What do you suggest, how to trigger this updating?

      My preferred language is VB.NET, but if you have better suggestion please explain me how.

      I want to accomplish fast overview of all control loops changes through one PI point, and better posibility to analyse this especially if users use DataLink.

      I like to build small application with Start/Stop button and textbox for frequency in seconds. This application through previous queries continuously writes to PI point CL_ChangesStatus.PV


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          Hello Igor,


          In the other thread we discussed how you would insert status information from your control loops into CL_ChangesStatus.PV (snapshot) and CL_ChangesTag.PV (archive data for shift) using SQL through PI OLEDB (Classic) Provider.

          Are you trying to do similar now with AF SDK?


          There's the option to sign up with PI Update Manager for snapshot updates of a list of selected PI Points. I believe this could be a good fit for you, if I understand correctly what you are after. You would only get updates for the points that have changed since last time you've looked for updates. You can do some programmatic analysis and write results to one or more points.


          The majority of sample code shared inside the forums and at other places like OSIsoft organization space at GitHub, is C#. We can probably create some VB.NET samples to get you started but I'd recommend you look over some C# samples to see if the programming language comes kind of natural to you.


          When installing PI AF Client, AF SDK is included with 2 flavors, a legacy version compatible to .NET Framework 2.0 and the Rich Data Access version built against .NET Framework 4.0. We recommend using the RDA (Rich Data Access) assemblies but to build against .NET Framework 4 requires Visual Studio 2012 or later. What's the Visual Studio version available for you?

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