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Inventory Estimation Calculation

Question asked by Budana on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by mhostetler

Dear community,

Case: we have a stockpile which is fed (adds inventory) by a conveyor (with scale read in tons/hour) and pulled by another conveyor (also with scale) that reduces inventory.

A survey is also done regularly to "reset" the value to proper levels of the inventory (in tonnages).

So here is the general logic:

Let :

A = surveyor input (say done weekly)

B = Inventory added (in tons). totalizer value every hour

C = Inventory reduction (in tons). Also totalized value every hour

D = Estimated inventory (tons).


Executed every hour (sample time):


D = A + B - C

A = D


A updates every hour except when overwritten with new survey result.

Where can this be done in PI and how?


Thank you!