Lehigh Hackathon December 2016

Discussion created by tyoung on Jan 27, 2017

In December, OSIsoft co-sponsored LehighHacks, a Hackathon at Lehigh University. OSIsoft proposed 2 projects using bulk energy data for individual buildings on campus. There were 3 teams who chose to work on those projects all night. We in the end had 2 completed projects. One was a VR Application and the second was an Energy Dashboard. Below are the links to the two projects and some pictures taken during the event. Special shout out to Paul Martin , Daniel McGovern , and Seth Sauder who stuck it out all night to help the students with any questions they had and to hold a workshop.


Both of the OSIsoft project teams finsihed in the Top 5. Check out their devpost links.

VR Project (Drew Siedel and Alex Van Heest): https://devpost.com/software/vr-energy-data-visualization

Energy Dashboard Project (Puxin Xu, Yuheng Huang, and Lingzi Pan): https://devpost.com/software/powerwatch