Testing ProcessBook .NET Add-Ins

Discussion created by CalebH on Sep 8, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2009 by jcroonen

I was wondering if there is a way to quickly test ProcessBook Add-Ins without needing to create a setup project and install it.  My Add-In works fine on the development machine whether running in debug mode or just opening ProcessBook by itself.  When I copy the .dll over to another machine (to C:\Program Files\PIPC\ProcBook), register it using RegAsm, and add the registry key (to HKLM\Software\PISystem\PI - ProcessBook\Addins\MyAddin.Connect) ProcessBook comes up with an error "'MyAddin' could not be loaded. Remove it from the list of available Add-Ins?".  Is there something else I'm missing?

ProcessBook versions are the same on both machines (
PI-SDK on dev:
PI-SDK on other machine:

Could the differing PI-SDK versions be the problem?  If so and I'd like to have compatibility going back to 1.3.2, is that the version that must be on the dev machine?