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Managing Events and Event Frame results

Question asked by mikael.gidstedt on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by GiorgioRigoni


Im having issues when trying to manage the Events generated by an Event Frame.

I'll illustrate with the following example:

I want to generate an Event every time the Variable Diff exceeds 4.



I backfill the above Analysis to a certain date, then I go to Event Frames and locate the Events generated by this Event Frame.

Turns out I got 82 Events. I want fewer.

I change Diff>7 and go back to Event Frames, turns out I still get 82 Events.

How do I update the Event Frame to run on Diff>7 instead of the old value (4)?

Do I have to manually delete the old Event generated when running Diff>4?

Is there any material to study regarding the management of Events produced by an Event Frame?