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PI ModbusE - 4-Byte Unsigned Integer (uint32)

Question asked by RGuerrero on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by cramsey

Hi all,


I can't seem to get a uint32 value directly into an PI Point.

Does anyone know how to get this done?


I have tried the following settings, but they do not produce the value I'm looking for:

Datatypes:    7, 15

Byte Swap:   On and Off

Sqrt code:     0 and 3


With the following settings, I receive the 4-Byte Integer (int32) of the correct register:

Datatypes:    7

Byte Swap:   On

Sqrt code:    3


Though I need its unsigned value. Please see the image attached for what I'm looking for.

I hope anyone can be of any help.


Thanks in advance.