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Integer Tags not reading healthy from OPC Server

Question asked by ankitbose on Feb 1, 2017
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I am trying to read Integer values from Allen Bradley SLC-5/05 PLC --> OPC Server (Kepware) --> PI Server using direct addressing from PI (instrumenttag attribute) and not using Kepware tags.

The Point Attribute for a PI Tag is:

Pointtype: Float32     Typical Value: 50      Zero: 0      Span: 100     Location2: 1

The value I read is 65186 in PI. I checked the source value in PLC and it reads "-35".

Now, when I check the value in the OPC Level using OPC Client Tool from OSIsoft, it shows 65511 if the data type is VT_UI2 (which takes in by default). And shows -35 if the data type is VT_I2 (if set manually).

My question is how do I make PI to obtain values from the OPC Server as VT_I2 datatype. If pointtype is not the issue then which attribute should I be looking at to get the PLC source value i.e -35 ?