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Can the approvals be conditioned in RtReports? and other questions...

Question asked by erick.marrero on Feb 2, 2017
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  1. I'm working in the upgrade of a Report in RtReports for one of my clients and he asked me if the report approvals can be conditioned. Example: if the report contains certain alarms, then the approvers are person1 and person2, but if the report contains others alarms, then the report should be approved by person1, person2, person3, and person4. Is that possible?
  2. Also he asked me if the batch end time can be used to calculate the expiration date of the batch. Let say the batch ended 01/01/17, so now I want to calculate the expiration date of the batch by adding 9 days to the end time, i.e. expiration day = to 01/01/17 + 9 = 01/09/17. Is that possible within RtReports?
  3. Lastly, he asked me if the word "APPROVED" can appear in the report once the report gets approved. Is this possible?


I'm pretty sure items 1 & 3 are not possible within RtReports (however I would like to confirm with you), but I'm not sure about item 2.


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